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2 June 1984
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I'm Keri. 26. Went to UWM for an MLIS starting in Spring 2010, intending to study archives, but failed at the online school thing. Plan to move to Strasbourg eventually. Asperger's Syndrome. Obsessive reader. Fond of Aria, Kim Possible, Bloody Jack, Arrested Development, Nickel Creek, American Girl, Yotsuba&!, Kingdom of Loathing, TCM. Not in that order.

My icons are gackable, but I like to be credited in the comments or something, in case people want to see other icons I've done.

Don't bother asking to add me to your friendslist - I don't mind. I don't always ask before adding people to mine. Sometimes I return the friending, sometimes I don't. S'no big deal - my entries are mostly public anyhow.

Sometimes I say really dumb things. I don't mean to, I just happen to be dumb sometimes.

i'm in hufflepuff!
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